8 Excellent Local Google SEO Tricks and Tips for WordPress

Google WordPress SEO tips and tricksWhat is the meaning of the term, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Before we delve into the local Google SEO tricks and tips for WordPress this must be explained. It is a long term and the meaning is pretty simple. It is the process of refining a search engine ranking. This is done to increase the number of visits to a website.
It is based on the fact that the higher a site shows in a search, the more it is likely to be visited by users of the search engine, in this case Google. This process gives a website the opportunity to be located in search engines through words or phrases related to the site. Having a better understanding of how this process works could bring your business some added success.

Google SEO Tricks and Tips

Have you ever heard of WordPress? If the answer is no do not worry. You are not the only one. WordPress is a content management system (CMS). It works well with websites and blogs. It provides many handy SEO plugins that work well to complete the process of optimization. However, there are several local Google SEO tricks and tips for WordPress that will increase your chances of ranking high in Google. There are several things you can do to improve your WordPress site.

1. Produce Captivating Content
When writing a blog you must make sure you create attention grabbing and useful content using words and phrases about the general post. This content should be simple and easily read. The use of content is the ultimate optimizer. High quality content is the needed ingredient for optimization. You should always make sure that your keywords are skillfully used. The information presented should also be shareable. It should be simple but interesting so that your users will pass it on to their friends. (speaking of which… don’t forget to share this article with YOUR friends and on social media. 😁❤ )

2. Give your image a great name
Google uses images in the formulation of a ranking. It displays images and text on its results page. These images should be relevant to the actual content. Then these will be linked to your page. Use specific keywords related to the topic as possible names for your image. Additional, you need to ensure that the images are SEO friendly. This will cause ample integration of the ALT feature into images.

3. Always use Optimized Themes
Google focuses on the relevant content when conducting an item search. The unnecessary irrelevant information is sifted through for that pertinent code. A theme that is performing quickly is great for your Google ranking. The less code used in the creation of a design and layout the faster and the thicker the keyword density.

4. Formulate a Sitemap
Usually a website may contain many, many, many pages. Google needs to know the structure of your website so that they can be properly indexed. The creation of a Google XML sitemap is a rather simple procedure. If you use WordPress it will provide Google XML Sitemaps. Once used a sitemap is automatically generated to aid in better indexing of your site.

5. Ensure you use Google Analytics
Google has a very widely used and great analytic tool called Google Analytics. It allows you to track the traffic on your website and it is totally free and easy to operate. It provides data about the behavior and traffic source, as well as, many other essential features vital to your website reaching your target group more efficiently.

6. Try Yoast SEO
One of the plugins used by WordPress is Yoast SEO. This plugin allows you to tweak your websites Search Engine Optimization. It suggests the addition of a Meta description, Meta tags and title, keywords and so much more. Such plugins show a Google search result preview thus improving your website’s SEO. This is one of the best local Google SEO tricks and tips for WordPress.

7. Add Post to Social Media
Ensure your posts are placed on your social media networks. This is not only a great way to spread information but it also creates “back-links” to your site. Google searches out back-links from sites linking to yours and determines from these links if your site is respectable also known as having “Authority”. You should try not only to self-promote but you can also promote your favorite websites. It is a respectful approach.

There are various local Google SEO tricks and tips for WordPress. However, those presented above are really the most efficient for a WordPress website. You want your content to have the ultimate chance of being seen on the first page of Google or any other search engine. Another major factor that you must consider is the fact that there is no need to try too hard. Focus on the writing of original, pertinent and high standard content. Once this is done, everything else becomes easy.

Search engine optimization is a science and the more you know how to recreate Google’s formula the faster and higher your ranking will be. If you want it done right then the final tip is for you…

8. Hire a SEO Expert
SEO expert consultants work hard to keep up with Google’s constant changing algorithms and rules. Hire a strong marketing firm like Peak Marketing who will explain the details for you and use advanced methods to get you to the first page of Google in less time than you may be able to do yourself.


Local Google SEO Tricks and Tips for WordPress
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