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Field Marketing DenverField marketing is branch in direct marketing, involving people issuing, examining, selling or sampling promotions in the “field”, in front of the customers.

Services we offer:

Assisted Sales

Assisted SalesAlthough Assisted sale schemes are a relatively new development, they have the potential to be extremely useful when it comes to selling one or more of your products or services. Since outsourcing a sales team is relatively new, more and more companies are moving in this direction to get high quality sales expertise without the hassle of building and housing their own teams.


Mystery Shopping

It is a tool used externally by market research corporations, watchdog establishments, or internally by companies themselves to measure excellence of service, or agreement with regulation, or to gather specific data about products and services. The establishment being evaluated is unaware about the mystery customer’s specific identity and purpose.Peak Field Marketing organization

Mystery shoppers perform specific tasks such as buying a product, questioning, registering complaints or behaving in a certain way, and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences. A survey model is drawn and settled upon when a client company hires a company providing mystery shopping services. It states the information and improvement factors the client company wishes to measure. After this, these are taken into survey instruments and assignments.

For instance, mystery shoppers at a clothing store could enquire about gift wrapping facilities. Not every secret shopping scenarios include buying.

Information collected is submitted by the shopper to the mystery shopping company. The company evaluates and analyzes the data. It completes quantitative or qualitative statistical examination reports for the client company. After this a contrast on how the stores or restaurants are doing against previously defined criteria can be made.

Event Marketing

Event MarketingIt is a marketing strategy that includes face-to-face interaction among corporations and their clienteles at special events like concerts, carnivals or sports. This practice succeeds as it engrosses consumers while they’re in a willing, participatory position. A successful event marketing campaign is marked by the attention given to guests beyond giving info about a product or facility for example, a discount, free sample, charity alignment, or fun event can make customers feel like they are being benefited and aren’t just attending a live-action commercial.

Differing from the old-school advertising, which discharges millions of patrons with the same general message, event marketing aims definite folks or groups at gatherings, expecting to make quality individual imprints.


Merchandising is any exercise that contributes to the sale of products to a consumer. At a retail in-store level, it is the variety of products available for sale and the presentation of those products in a manner that it inspires interest and entices clients to make a purchase which comprises of discounting, physical arrangement of products and displays and the decisions about what product should be presented to which client and when.

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